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Introducing the all-new Podcast

Welcome to episode one of the brand new audio podcast with special guest Pollen VC founder and CEO Martin Macmillan
Introducing the all-new Podcast
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Hello and welcome to the all-new podcast. You may have seen our videos before, but this is a new, fortnightly feature from your editorial team that will provide insight into the rapidly evolving world of mobile games.

Join contributing editor Jon Jordan, deputy editor Matthew Forde and managing editor Brian Baglow as we tap into our industry contacts to bring you the innovators, the pioneers, the creators, the founders and the business leaders who are shaping the global mobile market and lifting the lid on the topics that matter most.

To kick off this week’s show, we look at some of the key stories we’re seeing in our news feeds:

  • The acquisition of Golf Clash developer Playdemic by games giant EA - could golf finally topple football from the hearts and minds of the global gaming public? (spoiler: no)
  • In-game advertising - can we finally wave goodbye to the intrusive interstitial video ad? (spoiler: meh)
  • Hypercasual game jams - there are millions of dollars on offer to developers for new ideas, is this the mark of a mature market, or is the sector already running out of steam (no spoiler: you’ll have to listen in to find out)

The podcast will pull in guests from across the mobile metaverse. From designers and developers to funders, financiers and publishers working at the cutting edge.

Special guests

Our first ever guest is the excellent Martin Macmillan from Pollen VC, who explores the world of finance - but not as you know it.

Despite the company name, Pollen VC is not a Venture Capital fund but a finance company of a different kind. Martin talked to Brian about making money in game development, what it takes to support a successful title and why equity funding isn’t always the answer.

We also highlight new research from Pollen which suggests that game developers need to think very carefully about their role in the industry if they ever anticipate an ‘exit’.

Listen in

You can find the podcast on many of the leading sources. We're already live on:

We'll be on more platforms and in more places in the very near future, stay tuned. Or you can listen right here, right now:

Get involved

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the podcast. If there are guests you'd like to hear from. If you have feedback on a topic we've discussed, or you'd like to get involved, let us know.

You can email us, or like and leave comments on our @PGBiz Twitter account.

If you enjoy the podcast a rating or review is always welcome. Thanks for tuning in. We'll be back for episode two in the very near future.