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Is India's imagination worth capturing?

India's developers talk it over
Is India's imagination worth capturing?

At Pocket Gamer Connects Bangalore 2015, a panel of Indian developers got together to talk about the "Indian imagination" and how best to capture it.

Members of the panel, which was headed by Manish Agarwal, then CEO of Reliance Entertainment – Digital, now CEO Nazara Technologies, included Anand Ramachandran, Director of Design at Tiny Mogul Games, and Shailesh Prabhu, founder & director of Yellow Monkey Studios.

More than just a country

Ramachandran argued that "there's no Indian imagination", pointing to the many divisions of culture that make up India, which makes capturing the country's imagination as a whole very difficult.

Prabhu goes as far as to suggest that capturing the Indian imagination isn't worth the time, and said "make a good game, make it global, and it will work in India as well."


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