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Rovio, ZeptoLab, Halfbrick and iDreamsky signed up for PGC Bangalore East Meets West track

Your opportunity to learn about the global mobile games industry
Rovio, ZeptoLab, Halfbrick and iDreamsky signed up for PGC Bangalore East Meets West track

With just under a month to go until the inaugural Pocket Gamer Connects Bangalore conference kicks off, it seems an appropriate time to take a closer look at the event's content.

And first up is the signature PGC track, East Meets West.

Having secured some of the most engaging industry speakers, we’ll be whisking you off on a tour of the global mobile gaming landscape - taking in development, business, and data along the way.

Starting with a series of keynotes from superstar speakers to define the day, East Meets West features:

  • Experts on the global mobile economy detailing the issues affecting the economy
  • Speakers from India and the surrounding area extolling regional virtues
  • A section dedicated to the hugely important markets of China, Korea, and Japan
  • The lowdown on how to succeed in Europe and the US, as well as advice on bridging the gap between the two

A meeting of some of the major minds from mobile gaming’s multitude of nations, East Meets West is your opportunity to capture the global zeitgeist.

Speakers featured on this track include:

  • Peter Vesterbacka, Rovio Entertainment
  • Misha Lyalin, ZeptoLab
  • Shaniel Deo, Halfbrick
  • Monte Singman, iDreamSky
  • Manish Agarwal, Reliance Games

You'll find a current detailed breakdown of the East Meets West track here.

On with the show

Produced in partnership with Reliance Games, PGC Bangalore offers the perfect blend of sharply honed content, unrivalled access to the leading international experts, and excellent networking opportunities with the key members of the India and South East Asia mobile sector.

Some of the biggest names in the industry are turning up to deliver vital market insight alongside practical development, marketing, and monetisation advice.

There's plenty more to come, so stay tuned.