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It's big money for our huge plans, says Chartboost CEO Maria Alegre

Building a better business engine with $19M
It's big money for our huge plans, says Chartboost CEO Maria Alegre

What do you say to the CEO who's just raised $19 million other than congratulations?

Actually, you don't get very far in business journalism with that approach, so instead my opening question to Chartboost CEO Maria Alegre is "That's a lot of money. What do you need $19 million for?"

"It's a lot of money but we have huge plans," Alegre fires back, demonstrating the positively that no doubt was key to raising the cash in the first place.

"We want to build a company that endures, not one that we flip," she adds. "This isn't just about cross-promotion. It's about building a business engine."

Recruitment drive

What's important for Chartboost in the short term, however, is more mundane - staffing up.

Currently 36-strong, it's moved into a new office with the capacity for 100. Alegre expects to double headcount over the coming months, saying Chartboost has previously been understaffed.

The hiring will mainly be focused on engineering talent to support and expand the company's technology and work on the new products it will be launching in 2013. You can see open positions here.

In the medium term, there will likely also be the establishing of international offices.

"We have a lot of people doing a lot of travelling at the moment," she confesses.

But Chartboost won't be following the typical VC-funded sales blot.

"The two words we hate are 'sales' and 'advertising'," Alegre says. "Our business is about our relationship with our developers. We're not going to lose those values."