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July's Mobile Movers and Shakers: Gameloft appoints a new lead game designer while MYSTiC gets a new CMO

July has seen some significant moves by some of the industry's biggest company's - here's just a few
July's Mobile Movers and Shakers: Gameloft appoints a new lead game designer while MYSTiC gets a new CMO

As 2023 races by, something we’ve been eager to cover more of is the vast movement in jobs taking place at the moment. The mobile game industry is huge, growing and strong as usual, so there's a lot to keep track of. Whether that’s new board members, executives or key team members, knowing who’s going where and doing what is key to understanding the industry.

That’s where this series of – hopefully many - articles covering hires, moves and more that are taking place across mobile gaming. We’ll give a brief overview of who these people are, what they’re doing and why we’ve added them to this week’s recap. Starting off today with…

Viacheslav Volosheniuk appointed lead game designer at Gameloft

Viacheslav Volosheniuk is a relative newcomer to the games industry, founding Moonlight Dragon Games in October 2021 and joining the team of 4Enjoy Games as a game designer in April 2022. However, he quickly proved his worth, being promoted to the role of Game Producer in March 2023.

In his new role as lead game designer at Gameloft, Volosheniuk will help lead the development of the company’s titles, which include not just massive mobile hits such as Minion Rush but multiplatform blockbusters such as Disney Dreamlight Valley. Although the company has recently begun to focus on other branches of the gaming industry, it still has a vested interest in mobile gaming, as signalled by Volosheniuk’s appointment to such a prestigious role.

MYSTiC appoints business and marketing expert Vishal Pandey as CMO

Vishay Pandey is an expert in business and marketing, and this expertise has led him to found - and successfully exit - his own startup, 4 Lounge. Now, Pandey has been appointed to the role of CMO at web3 gaming specialist MYSTiC Games.

Commenting on his appointment, Pandey stated “I’ve been following MYSTiC Games closely for quite some time now, so when the opportunity came up to join Matt and Jakob, I knew I couldn’t turn it down! The future of gaming is to make it more player-led and to give players ownership of the games they love so much, and MYSTiC GAMES will be the studio to build that bridge between Web2 and Web3 gaming. I’m thrilled to be a part of a team leading the charge in making that happen.”

Brad Perry joins the NetEase team

As one of the biggest names in mobile gaming - and a mainstay in our top 50 list - NetEase is well placed to attract the best and brightest names in the gaming industry. The latest of these is Brad Perry, who has joined the team as a senior technical artist following his tenure as technical and cinematic artist at Electronic Arts.

Perry’s tenure has seen him work on a variety of titles, including some of EA’s biggest hits in recent years, such as the blockbuster FIFA franchise, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and this year’s Dead Space remake, showcasing his talents across a variety of diverse genres, which he will now put to use for NetEase’s catalogue.

Eduardo Scartezini promoted to senior server engineer at DIGIT

Server maintenance is becoming increasingly important as more and more games throughout the gaming industry are shifting towards live service models. An issue with the server can easily have a negative effect on the playerbase, which in turn can lead to a loss of reputation or a higher churn rate.

Eduardo Scartezini initially joined Scopely subsidiary DIGIT in August 2021, taking the role of game server engineer. Following his promotion, he will have an important role in maintaining and supporting the company’s servers, helping to ensure that players enjoy as seamless an experience as possible.

Hillman Han joins Jam City as product data analyst

Jam City announced perhaps its biggest expansion yet earlier this week, officially stepping into the MENA market with Heroes & Villains, and that makes data analysis perhaps more important than ever. A new market, especially with a new IP. As we stated, it's unclear just how popular the DC license is in the MENA region, and a product data analyst can help identify the game's strengths, and where it can improve.

In his new role, Han will join the team in analysing the performance of Jam CIty's portfolio at perhaps the most pivotal point in its history thus far.

If you, or anybody you've worked with, have any mobile games industry job news they'd like to relay to the team then don't hesitate to reach out to us on We look forward to hearing from you soon.