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King soft launch Candy Crush 3D: Is their next crowning victory on its way?

King stealthily reveals Candy Crush 3D on the Google Play Store
King soft launch Candy Crush 3D: Is their next crowning victory on its way?
  • King soft launches Candy Crush 3D
  • The soft launch is on Google Play in Malaysia

The monarch of mobile games King has soft launched a new game in stealth. Titled Candy Crush 3D and now live on the Google Play Store as reported by, King has yet to make an official announcement on its arrival but promises through the app store page that this new title will keep to the casual genre with its puzzle-based gameplay.

Crushing it

With plenty of sugary match-3 content on the horizon, Candy Crush 3D looks full to bursting with shiny new visuals, candies and, of course, a heap of challenges that break into the third dimension.

The new game has soft launched in Malaysia and as of right now it only has a presence on the Google Play Store. It goes without saying that King knows what it’s doing when it comes to mobile games, with a 20-year history and a decade’s experience running its flagship Candy Crush. The game has more than 15,000 levels and 200 million active players, and was even up for consideration in a conversation between Activision Blizzard, Supercell and Epic Games for a trial title on a new app store.

With a huge $20 billion in revenue, Candy Crush is already the biggest mobile app of all time, but it runs the risk of being overtaken by TikTok next year. On this basis, a 3D game modelled on the base Candy Crush formula, by the same studio, could be just the recipe for success King needs to keep its crown. Of course, one key difference this time around is that King is ultimately owned by Microsoft now, through its gigantic acquisition of Activision Blizzard, but as to whether Microsoft have applied any kind of influence would seem unlikely at this early stage.

What is known, is that players will "discover a whole new way to enjoy Candy Crush". King promises: "This game introduces an enticing adventure that will satisfy your sweet tooth while giving your brain a workout!"

The company just keeps on growing too, with a 9% increase in net revenue this year driven largely by - you guessed it - Candy Crush.