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King takes a new approach to privacy notices in its new update

The new creative approach aims to tackle the issue of uninformed users
King takes a new approach to privacy notices in its new update

Developer and publisher King has unveiled a creative new approach to privacy notices, which aims to engage players while keeping them informed about the company’s data usage policies.

Traditionally, privacy notices have mostly comprised of a wall of text and legal jargon, which can be difficult for the average consumer to understand while being hardly inviting to read. As such, many gamers accept the terms without properly understanding them, leaving them unclear about how their data is being collected and used.

King’s solution is transforming the notice into a gamified “Privacy Saga”, where some of the company’s iconic characters give the information with simple language and eye-catching graphics.

Making information accessible

“Most people know they probably should read privacy notices but are often put off by the experience, and legal jargon that makes it difficult to understand. Our mission at King is all about making the world playful. We have a player-first mentality and want our players to have fun and enjoy all of their experiences with us, whether that’s in our games or while reading our legal terms, regardless of their age or background,” said King senior director for legal and data protection officer Willy Duhen.

“That’s why we decided to take our purpose one step further by crafting a new interactive privacy notice that feels part of the King gaming experience. By introducing elements of gamification, eye-catching graphics and using straightforward language, we’ve been able to demystify our privacy notice and create an experience that is engaging, innovative, fun and friendly to all our players.”

The privacy saga was designed in partnership with Amurabi, an agency that specialises in “human-centric design innovation for the legal industry”. In the Privacy Saga, users can play through levels where they learn about the company’s privacy policies, and also get the chance to take a short quiz to test their knowledge.

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