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UK games industry gender pay gap widens

Median hourly wage for women drops 4.78 per cent, mean figure down four per cent
UK games industry gender pay gap widens
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The gender pay has increased year-on-year in the UK games industry.

According to stats released for April 5th, 2018, the disparity between the median hourly wage earned by men and women has grown by 4.78 per cent year-on-year, while this figure is 4.04 per cent when looking at mean hour wage comparing this year's reports to last.

In this year's report, women are earning an average of 22.26 per cent more than men in median bonus pay. This figure, however, is heavily weighted by women at Ubisoft Reflections' studio earning 292.3 per cent more in median bonus pay than their male counterparts.

This studio is new to this year's rankings; removing the Newcastle racing specialist and comparing like-for-like, the median bonus pay gap has increased by 4.58 per cent.

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