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Kratos Studios launches Kratos Games Network to invest in game studios

The $6 million fund aims to target ten to fifteen studios by March 2024
Kratos Studios launches Kratos Games Network to invest in game studios
  • The program aims to onboard web2 developers onto the blockchain
  • Participating studios will receive access to a number of gaming communities

Kratos Studios has announced the foundation of the Kratos Games Network, a new investment fund targeted at game makers in India and other emerging markets. The fund will allocate a total of ₹500 million ($6 million) towards gaming studios, with plans to target its first set of 10-15 game makers by March of 2024.

The grant is open to web2 developers looking to transition into blockchain gaming, with the aim of building an international game development community and creating a popeline of games that transcends genres, languages, and cultural sensitivities.

“Kratos Studios stands for the gamer community,” said founder Manish Agarwal. “This initiative will bring high quality games and hence more gamers to blockchain gaming. We are on our way to becoming the largest network of gamers on the blockchain, globally.”

Games shortlisted for the program will benefit from Kratos’ proprietary blockchain technology, giving them access to an established audience of one million blockchain players. As well as India, Kratos’ network extends into mobile first markets such as Latin America and Southeast Asia, as well as multiplatform gaming powerhouses such as East Asia.

Another link in the blockchain

The network will offer a number of benefits to participants,including access to gamer communities and an economic value-sharing model with their gamers, leading to enhanced user retention and monetisation from individual users.

India has long been one of the world’s foremost mobile gaming markets, but more and more developers for a variety of platforms are taking note of the country’s game development scene. While the blockchain is available across platforms, it’s gaining a stronger and stronger foothold on mobile platforms - and the Kratos Games Network could see the country’s mobile game makers adopt the technology in increasing numbers.

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