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Facebook's global director of games Leo Olebe joins Google

Departs after more than five and half years
Facebook's global director of games Leo Olebe joins Google
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Google has hired Leo Olebe as its new managing director of play partnerships for games.

The appointment was announced by Olebe himself (via LinkedIn), where he also confirmed that he left the role of Facebook global director of games partnership on May 18th.

Olebe was with the social media giant for more than five and a half years, helping to run its Instant Games, Facebook Gaming Creators, Facebook Cloud Gaming initiatives.

He also helped co-found the Global Gaming Citizens initiative and launched the Black Gaming Creator Program.

Alongside the new position at Google, Olebe will continue to act as a board director for Games for Change, a nonprofit organisation that looks to empower game creators and social innovators through games and other immersive media.

"Multi-vertical business"

"Facebook Gaming grew from being a single vertical flash gaming business to a multi-vertical business," he said.

"Facebook Gaming is now a company priority. We worked hard as a team to do our best to help underrepresented communities find advocates, allies, and access. Thank you to all the wonderful developers, publishers and creators for your partnership. I will be cheering on Facebook Gaming."

Olebe previously spoke to us as part of our POC in Mobile series explaining why it's "everyone’s job to find great and diverse talent"