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Level up your game-making skills and tools at Pocket Gamer Connects London next week!

Enjoy an exclusive look at the upcoming themes and content tracks of our upcoming show, taking place in London next week
Level up your game-making skills and tools at Pocket Gamer Connects London next week!
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Pocket Gamer Connects London is next week, and we couldn’t be more excited to share with you all the forward-gazing, insightful tracks we have lined up for you at our most content-packed show yet.

That’s right, our upcoming show in London is about to be our biggest by all metrics. Our leading mobile gaming industry conference is returning to London this January 23rd to 24th, and we’re welcoming over 2,000 attendees from the games industry to The Brewery in the heart of London to network, discover, pitch and learn from over 250 of the industry’s top thought leaders from around the globe across 31 diverse topic tracks spanning a variety of topics. As our biggest conference yet, this is one you truly won’t want to miss! Head over to our website today to secure your seat at our show!

Today, we’re delving into tracks dedicated to learning about Level Up Your Bases. Each and every single one of these tracks delivers unique, curated content to make sure you have all your bases covered with these must-see tracks led by experts in essential aspects of game-making. You won’t want to miss these tracks if you are a developer looking to ensure you have all the basics covered and have a solid foundation for your game creation process.

Learn more about the tracks below…

The Level Up Your Bases Tracks

First up is the Live Ops Landscape track! A track dedicated to explaining and improving your approach to live ops, the core of the modern games world.

Live Ops Landscape: January 23rd
9:20 - 4 Fundamentals for Building a great Live Ops Department with Alex Haley of Product Madness.
9:40 - Increasing the Value of Your Games Through Better Player Support with Ed Jamieson of Helpshift, Eric Vermillion of Helpshift, Peter Gerson of Keyword Studios, Dominick Kelly of KantanAI and Jessica May of Lockwood Publishing.
10:20 - Re-Inventing LiveOps Strategy- Adapting to the new norm with Yeshas Nakshathri of Clevertap.
10:40 - Interaction & Iteration: Best Practices for Getting the Most Out of Your Live Ops Strategy with Iwan Morris of, Gleb Platonov of OUTLOU:D, Josh Nilson of Eastside Games, Yoav Kedem of Stealth Mode Startup, David Tyler of Tencent and Samantha Pang of Helpshift.

Next is the Master the Multiplayer track! Multiplayer games dominate the charts - but what tips, technology and secret sauce can help you compete!

Thank you so much to Photon, our fabulous track sponsor for your support in bringing this track to life. Photon is easily the number one multiplayer engine, consistently delivering stellar-quality performance regardless of gameplay or wherever you may be in the world. Try Photon for free at their website today.

Master the Multiplayer: January 23rd
11:20 - The Multiplayer Compass with Mark Val of Photon.
11:40 - From Action to RTS – Shifting Genres While Keeping Your Identity with Aarni Linnakangas of Superplusgames.
12:00 - Playing Together: How To Boost Retention by Adding World-class Multiplayer Options with Mark Val of Photon, Tibi Țîrcomnicu of Tibith, Miguel Tomas of First Light Games Ltd and Jon Middleton of Nifty Games.

Next is the Ad Insights track! In-game ads remain central to many studios' monetisation strategy - join us to discover the latest trends and advice.

Thank you so much to Digital Turbine, our fabulous track sponsor for your support in bringing this track to life. Digital Turbine (NASDAQ: APPS) powers superior mobile consumer experiences and results for the world’s leading telcos, advertisers and publishers. Its end-to-end platform uniquely simplifies the ability to supercharge awareness, acquisition and monetization — connecting Digital Turbine’s partners to more consumers, in more ways, across more devices. Digital Turbine is headquartered in North America, with offices around the world.

Ad Insights: January 24th
10:40 - WTF Is AQI? Ad Quality Index with Kim Grewal of Digital Turbine.
11:00 - Ads, IAP & Beyond: Supercharge Your Game Growth with Thomas Coulon of Meta Audience Network.
11:20 - Mobile Ads Monetization: The Tips and Tricks that Make Difference with Oleg Shlyamovych of Clever Ads Solutions.
11:40 - XR – How Brands and Marketers Are Using Emerging Technologies Like AR/VR To Reach a Digitally Connected Audience with Dan Ferguson of Groove Jones.
12:00 - The Creative Challenge: Making Ads Your Audience Will Genuinely Love with Peggy Anne Salz of MobileGroove, Matej Lančarič of, Nick Gibbons of Creadits, Pau Quevedo of Smadex and Yolanda Huang of NativeX.

Last but not least is the Marketing Mavens track! Discover the latest tips and techniques from the personalities and agencies that are changing the media world.

Thank you so much to Reaktor, our fabulous track sponsor for your support in bringing this track to life. Reaktor is a creative design and tech agency. Our mission is to help game developers and publishers to focus on what they do best - games. Over 20 years, our 700+ highly-skilled experts have helped 200+ companies worldwide scale their teams and operations to world-class success. We design and build scalable digital solutions to support the core gaming experience. We love to make games a phenomenon and help you reach new users by creating out-of-the-box brand and marketing experiences.

Marketing Mavens: January 23rd
15:20 - Gen Z Thinks Your Brand Is Cringe. Here’s How To Change That with Matilda Kivelä of Reaktor.
15:40 - Leveraging CPE Campaigns To Maximize ROAS, LTV and Game Growth with Yoni Nijboer of exmox, Jochen Gary of Stillfront Group, Benoit Ducrest of Million Victories, Arseny Lebedev of Original Games, Danil Moskovoy of Tripledot Studios and Johan Eile of Kabam.
16:20 - Accessible Marketing: How To Promote Growth With Any Budget with Will Freeman, a freelance video game journalist, Matilda Kivelä of Reaktor, Aras Senyuz of Tencent and Daff Kjellström of Dimoso.
16:50 - Navigating the Evolving World of Influencer Marketing in Mobile Gaming with Robin Åström and Björn Karlsson of WeHype.
17:10 - Advertising in Gaming: How to Embrace the Next Big Channel with Amanda Rubin of Enthusiast Gaming, John-Paul Burke of Seika Media and Tess Gullis of PHD.

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