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Lights, camera, action: Kamcord's in 100 games, generating 500 million gamer video clips

Gameplay video sharing solution gains traction
Lights, camera, action: Kamcord's in 100 games, generating 500 million gamer video clips

Finnish outfit Applifier has been highlighting the success of its video playback and sharing games solution Everyplay.

But it's not the only game in town.

US company Kamcord is also in play with its own video playback and sharing games product.

It's just announced that its solution - called Kamcord - has been integrated into over 100 games.

It's also been used to record over 500 million gamer videos, although because of how the system works, and how developers implement it, it's not sure how many of these have been shared.

Looking up

Of course, as is often the situation when two companies are going head-to-head, the rivalry is tempted by the massive opportunity facing them.

The biggest competition for both Kamcord and Everyplay is developers who don't use any video sharing system or are waiting for platform holders like Apple or Google/YouTube to roll out their own proprietary solution.

"We have a lot of respect of Applifier. They're a more experienced company than us," comments Kamcord's CEO Matt Zitzmann.

The San Francisco-based start-up was created by three ex-MTI graduates who having worked for companies like Google, came back together to create the mobile game-focused video sharing solution in 2012.

Growing pleasures

To-date, Kamcord has raised $1.5 million in its seed round and is now working hard to build out its product and build up the company.

In the latter case, the 7-strong team expects to be double digits soon, while product features such as live voice-over and trimming editing functionality are being added.

"We are very hungry," Zitzmann says.

"We want to prove we can create a successful company and provide a product that all developers - from indies to big publishers - can use."

You can find out more about what Kamcord is up to via its website, or YouTube channel.

You can also see how the tech works below.