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LINE Disney Tsum Tsum hits 50 million downloads

Too cute
LINE Disney Tsum Tsum hits 50 million downloads
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Despite being a fairly simple match-3 game, Disney's Tsum Tsum game continues to pull in the downloads.

The success isn't just due to the cute characters though.

As the game's full titles makes clear LINE Disney Tsum Tsum highlights both the global appeal of the Disney brand as well as the social stickiness gained by integration with the LINE mobile messaging system.

And it's this combination that has boosted the game to over 50 million downloads, with Japan and the US being key markets, as well as emerging countries in southeast Asia

Keep on matching

LINE Disney Tsum Tsum was developed by NHN PlayArt Corporation and released in Japan in January 2014.

Its success there lead to the global release of the English version in 40 countries in July 2014, which has been followed by support for Chinese (Traditional), Korean, Spanish and Thai.

In March, Disney also announced it had generated over $300 million in revenue.