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Little Dot Studios invests in CLUB developer Formation Games

With a TikTok series forming part of the investment
Little Dot Studios invests in CLUB developer Formation Games

Digital content agency and media network Little Dot Studios has invested in Formation Games, developers of football management mobile game CLUB.

The investment will partially come in the form of a series of TikTok shorts to promote the title, the shorts “will focus on opening up the conversation on club ownership and finding the most fascinating stories in football to tell.” The campaign will consist of two series, “Let’s settle it” and “Meet the Clubs” which will focus on debating the most important topics in sports and exploring different football clubs around the country, respectively.

CEO of Little Dot Studios, Dan Jones commented, “Investing in Formation Games is significant for us as it illustrates our continued commitment to driving digital evolution, whether that’s platforms or content. I remember fondly the weeks lost to Championship Manager ‘93 and the chance to be part of this social gaming experience is incredibly exciting.”

CEO of Formation Games, Jonty Barnes, meanwhile, added the team’s thoughts. “We believe that high-quality, scroll-stopping content defines the CLUB entertainment experience, both in-game and in how we communicate the CLUB experience to the world. Little Dot Studios speaks our language and has an innate ability to connect with audiences and communities around the world with long and short-form content, and we’re very proud to have them as investors and partners for the launch of CLUB and beyond.”

Investing in football

It’s not the first sporting company that Little Dot Studios have worked with - although it is their first ‘e-sport’ venture - as the company boasts a number of clients including the FA and Paralympics Committee. However, Formation Games, which boasts their own lineup of mobile and gaming veterans may prove to be a very different and interesting challenge for the company.

The use of TikTok as a promotional platform also reflects an increased focus from companies on how the platform can be used to promote their games. Something TikTok itself has played into with the use of events such as “TikTok made me play it”.

The partnership between Formation Games and Little Dot Studios certainly suggests CLUB is well on its way to completion and that building anticipation has attracted other companies to invest. We’ll get a chance to see how the game plays when it releases on Google Play and iOS in 2024.