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LoopMe CEO on the vast, open, $200 billion mobile advertising market

Any advertiser can now buy any slot
LoopMe CEO on the vast, open, $200 billion mobile advertising market
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At Pocket Gamer Connects London 2015, we sat down with Stephen Upstone, the CEO of LoopMe to talk mobile video advertising.

The London-based company has seen strong growth over the three years in which it's been active, opening new offices in China and India in 2014, as well as strengthening its US operations.

Indeed, Upstone says that in the longterm, he expects China to be one of the company's key markets.

On the up

More generally, Upstone says the rise of fullscreen video advertising is currently driving the market higher and higher.

Claiming LoopMe has more inventory than YouTube across mobile and web, he claimed the market would eventually match the $200 billion size of the global TV ad market.

Of course, there's already much more mobile inventory - perhaps as much as 30 billion fullscreen ads are being shown every month.

One consequence of this scale is that the entire industry has switched to programmatic buying, meaning with enough cash and strong enough targeting, any advertiser can buy any ad impression.

"Any advertiser can buy any slot," Upstone emphasises.

Yet, there are plenty of challenges to overcome, not least the sheer amount of data that is now being generated. LoopMe alone is having to process 30 billion new pieces of data on a daily basis.


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