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Lucid Sight snaps up multiplayer game engine Colyseus

It will launch a cloud-based version later this month
Lucid Sight snaps up multiplayer game engine Colyseus
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Feb 19, 2021 acquisition Lucid Sight, Inc Not disclosed

Independent games studio Lucid Sight has snapped up multiplayer game engine Colyseus.

The company will take control of the Colyseus brand, social media, support channels and GitHub.

Moreover, Lucid will launch a cloud-hosted service designed to offer further support to developers that use Colyseus.

Endel Dreyer, the creator of the multiplayer game engine, will join Lucid Sight's team.

"Downloaded by over 250,000 developers and studios, Colyseus is at the core of thousands of multiplayer projects and games. Over 3,000 developers are active in Colyseus' community channels, with many contributing to the project", said Lucid Sight CTO Fazri Zubair.

"Colyseus is the gold standard for open-source multiplayer game server engines. With the updates we are bringing to the Colyseus framework, we will be helping game developers' get to fun faster', letting them spend more time iterating their game mechanics and less time optimizing/implementing server code."

Currently, Colyseus hosts up to 250,000 monthly active users and processes 500 million requests per month.

Enter the arena

As of today, Lucid will begin accepting sign-ups to the cloud-hosted version of Colyseus, dubbed Colyseus Arena, which will launch by the end of the month.

"Lucid Sight has been big fans of Colyseus for years, and we use it in all of our multiplayer
games. It is a great honour to take over the project and secure the future of open-source
multiplayer game development.", said Lucid Sight CEO Randy Saaf.

"Colyseus Arena will be a batteries-included, cloud-hosted multiplayer engine where a game developer can start with a template for, say, a gallery shooter game, and can have a version up and running in a few hours.

"We want Colyseus Arena to democratize multiplayer game server engines the way Unity democratized 3D graphics in 2006. Colyseus Arena will be the first multiplayer server engine that can be deployed without a networking engineer."