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Mail.Ru teams up with Unity to invest in games developers

Devs will also receive technological, marketing and analytical support
Mail.Ru teams up with Unity to invest in games developers
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Jun 7, 2018 partnership Mail.Ru Unity Not disclosed

The investment division of European internet company Mail.Ru (MRGV) has teamed up with game engine firm Unity to offer funding to developers using Unity’s engine.

Alongside investment, developers will also benefit from technological, marketing and analytical support.

MRGV has already invested in some Unity games prior to the news. Finnish-Russian startup Panzerdog’s online mobile shooter Tacticool raised $946k in seed investment from the investment programme.


“Developers around the world use Unity tech solutions in order to create successful gaming projects,” said Mail.Ru Games Ventures director Ilya Karpinsky.

“Unity provides environment for simple and effective game development. Along with that, MRGV gives developers more opportunities to live their most ambitious ideas by providing marketing assistance, analytics and everything what a team needs to upscale their project up to the international level.”

Mail.Ru previously forged a partnership with Epic earlier in the year that offered investment and aid to developers using the Unreal Engine 4.

Under that agreement Epic will work with MRGV to find potential development teams working across platforms to cooperate in the support scheme.

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