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MapleStory collaborates with BTS

In-game items are availabe from December 16th
MapleStory collaborates with BTS
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Nexon has partnered with South Korean boy band BTS for in-game MapleStory and MapleStory M content.

From December 16th, players will be able to kit out their characters with attire that has been designed by the seven-person music group. Each BTS member created their own outfits.

As part of the collaboration, there is a three-part video series on YouTube, which is available on the MapleStory channel.

Overall, there are five in-game packages as part of the partnership with BTS. Altogether, players will be treated to 27 items, all of which have been designed by Nexon and the band.

Earlier this year, MapleStory M surpassed 16 million downloads on mobile devices.