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Nexon launches real-time probability monitoring system

Nexon Now to be implemented in all upcoming games
Nexon launches real-time probability monitoring system
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Japanese-South Korean games publisher Nexon has launched its probability monitoring system, Nexon Now, which will enable players to compare gacha results against claimed probabilities.

MapleStory is among the first games to implement Nexon Now, with the probability system able to display data related to numerous in-game gacha pulls including potential reset rates, ability reset rates, and pet probability type items.

In a statement from the MapleStory team, Nexon commented: "Nexon Now’s actual rates will be updated every hour, and the updated data is data from two hours before the update time.

"Since there is a lot of data created every second which takes time to collect, calculate, and distribute, we ask for our understanding that there is an inevitable time difference."

However, users on the MapleStory fansite, Orange Mushroom, have challenged the accuracy of Nexon Now’s calculations, stating that MapleStory’s gacha calculations are weighted according to the number of pulls, which may not be taken into account in Nexon Now's analysis.

Last week, Nexon revealed that it is merging two of its subsidiaries, Nat Games and Nexon GT, to form Nexon Games, a development studio that will focus on creating games for mobile, consoles and PC.