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MiHoYo launches new international HoYoverse brand

Keeping the MiHoYo name in China
MiHoYo launches new international HoYoverse brand
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Genshin Impact creator MiHoYo has revealed the launch of its new cross-media brand, HoYoverse.

As a new worldwide virtual experience, HoYoverse is available through a number of entertainment services. Whilst keeping the name MiHoYo in China, this new HoYoverse branding is to be the company’s international name.

MiHoYo has stated that its titles, Honkai Impact 3rd, Tears of Themis, and the aforementioned Genshin Impact have all been "warmly received" and that the launch of HoYoverse is a reflection of its commitment to providing immersive experiences.

The English versions of these games' respective sites have already been updated with the new HoYoverse URL and logo.

Creating entertainment

In addition to games, MiHoYo has brought a range of entertainment content such as virtual character Lumi and the N0va Desktop App. The company’s commitment to diverse, high-quality content also extends to its release of anime, manga, light novels, and music.

"Our mission in establishing HoYoverse is to create a vast and content-driven virtual world that integrates games, anime, and other diverse types of entertainment, which will provide players with a high level of freedom and immersion," commented HoYoverse co-founder and CEO Haoyu Cai.

"We will continue to focus on long-term operation strategies, consistent technical research, and innovation in a variety of fields, including artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and pipeline construction, to ensure that sufficient content is created to meet the expectations of players worldwide."

Genshin Impact has proven to be a huge success worldwide and generated $406.3 million in the US in 2021, driving an overall increase in the growth of the action game genre.