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Minecraft players will need a Microsoft account from 2021

To increase account security
Minecraft players will need a Microsoft account from 2021

Minecraft players will need a Microsoft account to play from early 2021.

As detailed in a blog post, Mojang accounts will need to be migrated to Microsoft, if they aren't, then players will no longer be able to access Minecraft.

"Think of it as moving house; when you outgrow one place, you move on to the next. It involves a logistic effort, but once you’re settled in your new home, you realise you’d do it ten times over just for that extra room," said Mojang.

There are multiple reasons for the change, such as increased account security by utilising two-factor authentication. Moreover, there will be improved parental controls as well as the option to block chats and invitations.

Furthermore, all Minecraft games on PC will be linked to the same account.

Moving forward

To help Minecraft players with the transition, Mojang Studios has set up a FAQ page to detail the steps in migrating accounts. Furthermore, the company will send emails and upload YouTube videos to also aid with the change.

This is not the first change that has been to Minecraft this year. Back in June, the sandbox title was moved to Microsoft's Azure servers.

To date, Mojang's game has sold 200 million copies worldwide.