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Minecraft: Pocket Edition crosses 30 million downloads mark

Smartphone version performs at premium price point
Minecraft: Pocket Edition crosses 30 million downloads mark
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Mojang is celebrating once again, this time around the number of downloads its mobile version of Minecraft has made, rather than last time when it rejoiced at the whopping Microsoft buy out.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition has crossed a huge milestone in having sold more than 30 million units across the smartphone and tablet platforms.

Premium still sells

Perhaps what's most notable about this epic number is that Minecraft: Pocket Edition has spent its mobile life in the premium price bracket, and thus totals somewhere in the region of $150 million in revenues for Mojang, after the app stores have taken their $60-ish million cut.

Seeing those kind of figures makes the Microsoft purchase price of $2.5 billion last September seem more reasonable.

The game continues to perform on other platforms, too, with Mojang's sales counter for the original desktop computer version racking up an equally impressive 18 million units to date. With the console versions on top, Minecraft shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

This news arrives as Mojang rolls out a new tracking feature that allows the developer to determine how many concurrent players are within the game at any one time, which recently peaked at the 1.4 million mark.

Here's Mojang's tongue-in-cheek attempt to put its mobile download figures into perspective.