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Mobcast buys Lumines and Meteos for mobile reinvention

Pieces of the puzzle
Mobcast buys Lumines and Meteos for mobile reinvention
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Jan 27, 2015 acquisition Mobcast Global Q Entertainment Not disclosed
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Q Entertainment may be a household name in the western game industry, but it also is the developer behind titles like Angel Online and Destiny of Spirits.

Now the rights to Lumines, the Japanese developer's light and sound puzzler, and Meteos have been bought for an undisclosed sum by the Japanese smartphone developer Mobcast.

From screen to screen

The series creator, Tetsuya Mizuguchi, will be kept on by Mobcast to help create the new version of Lumines for the mobile market.

He founded Q Entertainment in 2003, launching Lumines and Meteos on PSP and DS respectively.

Under Mizuguchi’s leadership the company released another five titles before September 2012 when the games veteran decided to take a break from game development.