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Moloco launches its personalised ad creative solution Dynamic Creative

Optimisation at scale
Moloco launches its personalised ad creative solution Dynamic Creative

San Francisco adtech outfit Moloco has launched Dynamic Creative to improve programmatic advertising.

The product automatically designs, deploys and optimises personalised ad creative for every user at the moment of ad serving.

It's designed to work in conjunction with Moloco Cloud, its cloud-based programmatic advertising platform.

How it works

Dynamic Creative leverages Moloco's machine learning technology to take into account inputs such as best-selling items, ad placement context, and individual viewing traits.

The ad is then programmatically deployed to its network of almost 10 billion global devices across ad networks, marketplaces and exchanges such as MoPub, Fyber, Vungle, AdColony, Chartboost, Tapjoy and Line.

"We built our machine learning algorithms to help app marketers get the most out of their data and pinpoint their ideal audiences in order to drive growth quickly, easily, and at scale," said Moloco CEO Ikkjin Ahn.

"With the launch of our Dynamic Creative, we’re taking that one step further by automating the creation of ad creative as well, which helps to not only minimise ad design and development resources but boost conversions by serving personalized ad experiences to every individual, every time."

Moloco recently raised a new round of investment at a $1 billion valuation.