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Money doesn't matter: Embrace your mistakes and chase your passion, says Rovio's Niklas Hed

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Money doesn't matter: Embrace your mistakes and chase your passion, says Rovio's Niklas Hed
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It's not surprising that the mobile industry is fascinated by Rovio's rise to power.

After all, the developer has become a poster-boy for mobile success, simultaneously creating the first globally recognised mobile brand and establishing the platform as a force to be reckoned with.

However, Rovio's team was never motivated by money, and even though they now have more cash than they know what to do with, making games was, and still is, a pursuit of passion.

"It didn't start from the money perspective. It was a passion of mine, because I've always wanted to make games," explained Rovio's COO and co-founder Niklas Hed, speaking to's George Osborn at PG Connects Helsinki 2014. 

"We decided to just put it together and execute the dream. What I loved about the mobile space was that you can have fairly small teams, so that I can actually affect the product.

"That was really my inspiration, [but] we didn't have a clue how to make money with the company."

Embrace your mistakes

It's easy to view mistakes are a bad thing, and, given the choice, we'd all rather get things right the first time around. Unfortunately, that's an impossibility in game developement, which is why you must value your mistakes as much as your successes. 

If Rovio hadn't made any mistakes, it wouldn't be the company it is today. Those errors ensured lessons were learned, and without them, the world might never have seen Angry Birds.

"A great thing about mobile gaming is that the projects are always quite short, and there's a lot of learning crammed into that," offered Hed.

"When you're making a lot of games, you're definitely going to learn a lot.

"I was lucky enough to go through a lot of different game genres, and we were making so many different mistakes, but also learning. Without those mistakes, Angry Birds wouldn't be here."


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