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Monster Hunter Now wins big with 10 million downloads in 35 days

Niantic’s latest success: Here's the story so far…
Monster Hunter Now wins big with 10 million downloads in 35 days
  • Monster Hunter Now reaches 10 million installs in just over a month.
  • The game is Niantic's second-biggest after Pokémon Go.

Niantic’s newest AR hit Monster Hunter Now has seen success after success since its September launch. The latest among them is a major milestone - 10 million total installs, achieved in only 35 days.

The latest mobile entry in the multiplatform Monster Hunter franchise, Now marks a significant moment for Capcom and Niantic both. For the series creator, it means a unique, mobile-exclusive entry in the franchise as opposed to a mobile port. And for Niantic, Now represents its greatest success since Pokémon Go.

Monstrous milestone

The results of a partnership between Niantic and Capcom were first teased back in April with a short trailer for Monster Hunter Now, confirming that a new Monster Hunter title would release with Niantic’s characteristic AR and geolocation gameplay.

After a closed beta, the game opened for pre-registration and amassed three million eager followers by launch day, September 14. Early installers were incentivised to do so with the promise of in-game rewards, increasing in value the more pre-registered players there were.

Monster Hunter Now has bolstered Capcom’s shares by 6% and quickly trampled over revenues from other Niantic titles Pikmin Bloom and Peridot. In fact, Now has already become Niantic’s second-biggest game after Pokémon Go, generating more than $31 million in revenue with a major 68.66% of that coming from its Japanese fanbase.
The game has been promoted heavily in Japan - with Capcom and Niantic knowing the country would provide a key audience for a new Monster Hunter title.

Eager to reach even more players and keep its existing fans engaged, Monster Hunter Now is currently gearing up for its first seasonal in-game event. To celebrate Halloween, special armour will be available to craft and a seasonal alt of the Kulu-Ya-Ku will roam the world, ready to fight with a pumpkin-like rock. We should find out in the coming months whether this is a one-off, or if a precedent is being set for future festivities…

With many reasons to celebrate, Niantic is commemorating the 10 million installs achievement with redeemable gifts on its web store. COO Kei Kawai also commented: "We are delighted that so many people from all over the world have been playing our game in the first month since its global release. The adventure of this game has only just begun and we will continue to respond to feedback and work hard to bring more fun and surprises to our Hunters in the months to come."

Even before Monster Hunter Now launched, Niantic and Capcom had both already earned spots in our Top 50 Game Makers list.