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MyGamez kicks off gaming for China Unicom's set-top boxes with Tunnel Ground

The Finnish connection
MyGamez kicks off gaming for China Unicom's set-top boxes with Tunnel Ground
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Oct 30, 2014 partnership China Unicom MyGamez Not disclosed
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With the Chinese mobile gaming market apparently entering a mature phase, maybe the next growth market will be smart TVs and set-top boxes.

China Unicom, the second biggest mobile operator in the country thinks so.

It's just launched its IPTV operations. This includes a joypad with the tens of millions of boxes it expects to be shipping and so is looking for quality games to release.

Stepping up to that plate is Finnish outfit MyGamez, which has been selected as a content partner for Unicom's Future Family Fun Alliance.

Its role is to bring western games to the Chinese market. It's already distributed mobile titles Hill Climb Racing and Benji Bananas Adventures in China and its first release for China Unicom's new business is Tunnel Ground from the Finnish developer of the same name.

Down the pipe

"We are working with all major game distribution channels in China and are now very excited to enter into this new distribution agreement with China Unicom", says MyGamez's CEO Mikael Leinonen.

A screen from <em>Tunnel Ground</em>
A screen from Tunnel Ground

"We have been working closely with Tunnel Ground team and localized the game to fit for the Chinese market. The game looks great on big TV screen and we looking forward to introduce many other great games from Finland and Europe to China Unicom's customers.

According to the latest data, more than 35 million smart TVs were sold out in China during the first three quarter of 2014.