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NetEase launches first pilot server for Infinite Lagrange

The server will allow players to test incoming features and offer feedback to the development team
NetEase launches first pilot server for Infinite Lagrange

NetEase has expanded its game Infinite Lagrange with the launch of its first pilot server.

Infinite Lagrange is a cosmic strategy game which sees players, or explorers, take part in interstellar battles while exploring the Milky Way to uncover its history and secrets.

The pilot server will be made available to players periodically, giving them access to new game content in advance of general release, as well as the opportunity to offer suggestions and feedback on further improvements, bringing the community into the game design process and helping to create a “grander and more diverse future for our galaxy.”

Explorers and pioneers

Players can apply to participate via the in-game registration entrance until March 29, at which point the team will begin a comprehensive review of all applicants to create a shortlist of players who will be invited to participate.

Players taking part in the pilot program will additionally be able to skip some early game content and have access to fully upgraded buildings, helping them to more accurately test out all features being introduced. In return, players taking part in testing will receive official merch, as well as be able to come up with new strategies for how to better utilise incoming content, giving them a sizable advantage over other players.

While the pilot server is preparing to launch, NetEase shows no signs of slowing down in terms of implementing new game content. In a statement, a spokesperson for the company said “This March, Infinite Lagrange will launch a series of events under the theme of Exploring the Unknown, Pioneering the Future, and all our outstanding Explorers are sincerely invited to participate in the exchanges and discussions on the new version in advance as we presume that many Explorers can't wait to experience the new content and gameplay.”

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