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Netflix Games Studios looking to expand with new hires

The company wants to continue its growth in the games space
Netflix Games Studios looking to expand with new hires
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Netflix may be a relative newcomer in the games space but the streaming giant has quickly grown into one of the biggest names in mobile gaming, successfully leveraging the success of its original IPs and making a series of acquisitions and partnerships.

To continue its growth, the company has announced that it’s seeking a new associate producer and business development associate for its office in Los Gatos, California, reports Mobidictum.

The associate producer will work closely with the production team to support external developers working with Netflix. Meanwhile, a business development associate will work with both the business development and game partnership teams “to support key strategic initiatives across multiple business pillars.”

Expanding interests

In the latest sign that Netflix is expanding its gaming interests outside of its traditional mobile base, both job descriptions note that multiplatform experience, including mobile, is required. While mobile remains the world’s most profitable and popular platform, the fact remains that AAA titles often dominate discussion and acclaim in the wider gamer industry. The development of AAA titles - or the hosting of these titles on the Netflix Games platform - can help bring attention to the company’s wider portfolio.

Notably, the company seems to have overcome many of the barriers it originally faced while attempting to break into the market. Although it was reported in August that fewer than 1% of Netflix subscribers engage with its games. It’s possible that the company is hoping to reach new heights and bring its gaming catalogue to the attention of new players who may have previously overlooked the service. With a range of blockbuster hits ranging from Stranger Things to All of Us Are Dead, some of which have already been adapted into mobile games, the company has a significant platform to expand upon.

However, it’s worth keeping in mind that, while AAA games may be seen as higher profile, they also come at a significantly higher development cost compared to mobile titles, while also having a longer turnaround. The company currently has 41 mobile games planned for release in 2023 and, while it may hope to emulate its success on other platforms, it’s clear that the current focus remains on phones.

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