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Netflix kicks off Netflix Stories brand with Netflix Stories: Love is Blind

The game is based on the service’s hit dating show
Netflix kicks off Netflix Stories brand with Netflix Stories: Love is Blind
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Netflix has announced the upcoming release of Netflix Stories: Love is Blind on September 19, three days ahead of the release of the hit dating show’s fifth season on September 22.

The series takes several singles and places them in their unique pods for ten day periods, forming relationships but only meeting should they decide to get engaged. The show then follows the new couples up to their wedding four weeks later, where they decide whether or not to continue their relationship.

The game puts players in the role of a customisable singleton taking part in the show, making choices and seeing a relationship unfold. Players will also have the opportunity to meddle in other relationships, either to help others find love or sabotage their chances.


The game will be a part of Netflix Stories - a new brand of interactive story games “that will immerse players in an ever-growing catalogue of stories from fan-favourite Netflix series and films.”

New series, new game

Netflix’s attempts to make headway in the world of gaming has so-far been exclusively mobile, and interactive stories have a strong foothold in the platform thanks to games like Chapters or Episodes. These have largely been based on original IPs, but Netflix hopes to leverage the popularity of its own IPs to make a big splash in the market. All of the games included in the Netflix Stories brand will be made available on a dedicated app, available for free and exclusively to Netflix subscribers.

In addition to Love is Blind, Netflix also announced games based on its series’ Virgin River and Money Heist, with players being able to preview two chapters of the latter ahead of the release of spin-off Berlin in December.

It’s unknown what other Netflix properties are in-line for their own stories, however it’s worth noting that the streamer has an enviable catalogue of both films and series’, including some of the 21st century’s most critically acclaimed properties such as Stranger Things, Squid Game, and Bojack Horseman. As such, there’s plenty of potential to draw from with the new app as Netflix attempts to increase its position in the games space.

At our event at Gamescom yesterday, we listed Netflix as one of the top 50 mobile game makers of 2023.