Simplaex launches the first peer-to-peer marketing platform for game developers to buy, engage and sell players

A new marketing technology platform arises

Simplaex launches the first peer-to-peer marketing platform for game developers to buy, engage and sell players

Simplaex is officially launching its next generation marketing technology platform at GDC 2016 in San Francisco that solves the problem of today's user acquisition and retention in both mobile and online gaming.

Since the introduction of the F2P business model the gaming advertising industry has developed into an ecosystem that is controlled by networks, agencies, brokers and resellers.

Game developers and game players are more disconnected than ever before.

As a result, over 80% of game-marketers are unsatisfied with the ROI of their marketing budgets.

They have no assurance that they are paying a fair price, nor can they be confident about the source and characteristics of the users they are acquiring. The system has become non-transparent.

The way ahead

Simplaex has received an overwhelming positive response from over 70 game developers since the exclusive preview at Casual Connect Amsterdam in February.

"We understood that we have a product that is challenging the current status quo. But we never expected that nearly every game developer we talked to would be so frustrated by the actual situation. They are yearning for market changes because the technology stack is getting more complex and their costs are increasing, but their results hardly change", said Moti Tal, CTO and Co-founder of Simplaex.

Simplaex - a transparent marketplace to connect game developers and players

Simplaex enables game-marketers to target the players they care about through a large and transparent peer-to-peer marketing platform.

Simplaex's marketing platform functions as a marketplace that is, essentially, managed by the buyers and sellers themselves - the game developers.

It is fully transparent, based on 1st party data and saves costs of 50% or more by eliminating the middlemen that operate today as a black box.

Successful player retention with best-in-class personalisation tools

Successful player retention is based on two factors: having the right players in the game in addition to a highly personalized and individual communication.

Simplaex offers both in an optimum manner: thanks to its marketplace approach, game-marketers can easily acquire the right players to their game, and with the platform's integrated engagement module, game-marketers get best-in-class personalisation tools to create individual messages dynamically customised to the players' in-game behaviours.

The Simplaex benefits

  • Buy, engage and sell players on a single peer-to-peer platform.
  • Transparent and verified first-party data transaction model.
  • Trusted and secure mechanism for policy-managed data transport.
  • Reducing acquisition cost on average by 50%.
  • Increasing retention rates between 40% and 160%.
  • Easy to integrate without the need of a SDK.
We focus on what really matters - players and players only.
Jeffry van Ede

"The boundaries of today's business model have been stretched for too long now. New technologies haven't changed the principles of the black box or the increasing costs and complexity. We listened to our customers and agree that the time has come to stop talking about traffic, audiences, inventory or even look-alikes" said Jeffry van Ede - CEO and Co-Founder of Simplaex.

"With Simplaex we focus on what really matters - players and players only; direct, efficient, without hidden costs but with full transparency. We invite all game developers to test our new platform and see for themselves what it can do for their games."

Visit us @GDC booth 224-03 (German Pavilion) and get a personal demo of Simplaex. You can also schedule a meeting at GDC via our website regularly posts content from a variety of guest writers across the games industry. These encompass a wide range of topics and people from different backgrounds and diversities, sharing their opinion on the hottest trending topics, undiscovered gems and what the future of the business holds.