Red 5 Studios shuts down PC game Firefall to focus on mobile adaptation

Previous players will be "greatly rewarded"

Red 5 Studios shuts down PC game Firefall to focus on mobile adaptation

California-based developer Red 5 Studios is closing down the servers of its MMO FPS Firefall as it turns its attention to a mobile adaptation of the game.

Writing on the company's official website, the studio stated that "after much review and analysis, Red 5 Studios have decided to suspend the Firefall efforts on 7th, July 2017." The game client is still available for download, though presumably its servers are no longer active.

There are currently no details available on the mobile edition of Firefall, or when more information will be available. Red 5 has simply said that previous Firefall players will be "rewarded greatly" in the new game.

Going dark

Firefall had been in a dark spot since May 2016, when the studio posted a news story saying that it was focusing its efforts on a version of the game for PS4 and mobile. It had remained silent from there, and now it appears a PS4 edition is unlikely to launch.

It's not the only PC game to close down and pivot to mobile in 2017. Disney's long-running Club Penguin shut its servers down on March 29th to be replaced by a new mobile version, Club Penguin Island.

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