Fyber absorbs Heyzap and Inneractive as part of its rebranding efforts

Also launches new product FairBid

Fyber absorbs Heyzap and Inneractive as part of its rebranding efforts

Advertising tech firm Fyber has refreshed and refocused its brand by folding in older brands such as Heyzap and Inneractive.

Writing in a blog post, Fyber CEO Ziv Elul said that the brand refresh will focus on transparency and equality for its customers. It also wants to make its product offerings simpler for its users.

Part of the rebranding is a new logo design, which itself is designed to represent its focus on equality. The new website and all social media has been updated with the new branding, and it will be extended to Fyber's products in the coming months.

Opening it up for everyone

"It goes without saying that ad tech can be complicated. The emergence of a solution called header bidding for desktop and mobile web made things a little less complicated. It treats all sources of demand as equal, where each ad impression is offered to all bidders at the same time," wrote Elul.

"At Fyber, we want to bring that very same simplicity and equality to our customers and the chaotic world of ad tech. So, that’s why equality is the idea at the heart of our new product vision and brand identity."

As part of the rebranding, Fyber has also launched a new technology it calls FairBid. The tech utilises the aforementioned header bidding solution to provide a more open platform for its users.

The firm acquired Heyzap back in January 2016 in a deal worth up to $45 million. The initial price was $20 million in cash, with $25 million in cash and shares dependent on future performance.


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