Hugo Games picks up Dawn of the Dragons dev 5th Planet for $737,000

An extra $160,000 will go towards funding a sequel to the studio's Dawn of the Dragons sequel.

Date Type Companies involved Size
October 1st, 2018 acquisition 5th Planet Games
Hugo Games
Hugo Games picks up Dawn of the Dragons dev 5th Planet for $737,000

Hugo Games has acquired Sacramento-based 5th Planet Games for $737,000.

With a focus on community-based social games, 5th Planet’s four active titles currently bring in around $800,000 annually.

Hugo Games will provide an additional $160,000 to help develop a sequel to mobile game Dawn of the Dragons. That title brought in $27.7 million in worldwide revenue and Hugo appears excited by the current state of its follow-up.

Prepare for take-off

5th Planet founder Robert Winkler will continue to act as studio lead at the developer, with all 15 full-time developers likewise staying on at the company.

According to a press release, the final deal to acquire the studio was "slightly less than the initial estimates".

“The important point is that the 5th Planet Games crew are experts in the type of mobile games known as community-based games,” said Hugo Games CEO Henrik Nielsen.

“They have proved that they are able to create a high degree of retention and, even more importantly, they are able to monetise on them and earn money. This basically means that they have the know-how to maintain their customers and make them deliver a steady income.

“That’s an important and valuable ability which supplements Hugo Games perfectly.”

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