Google Play begins open beta for rewarded video ads powered by AdMob

Feature can be applied to any app

Google Play begins open beta for rewarded video ads powered by AdMob

Google has launched an open beta for Rewarded Products in the Play Console.

Otherwise known as rewarded video ads, this format allows developers to offer players the chance to watch advertisements in return for in-game currency or bonuses.

Developers will earn money from each ad viewed, with the idea being that developers can monetise the majority of users who don't spend on in-app purchases.

Any earnings made must exceed $10 before developers can withdraw an amount.

A number of firms already offer similar programmers that all aim to make it easier for developers to increase how much revenue they earn from players. Google’s solution will be powered by AdMob and is available from within the Google Play console.

Implemented to any app

Rewarded ads can be implemented to any app by the use of Google Play Billing Library or AIDL interface with only a few extra ADI calls.

AdMob technology is one of the largest global ad networks for monetisation on mobile devices and with it comes a broad range of content for developers to utilise.

Rewarded Products has been launched for open beta in the Play Console for all creators, with further advertisements concepts in development for future roll out.

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