IronSource launches cross-promotion solution for mobile ads

“IronSource's tool has given us the ability to treat both our ads and our ad units in a cross-promotion with a business mind”

IronSource launches cross-promotion solution for mobile ads

Digital advertising firm IronSource has launched a new solution that allows mobile developers to utilise an advertisement network for cross-promotion.

The solution will offer mobile developers a full suite of tools to help run its ad network, with the aim of helping maximise the value of each existing user by driving cost-efficient adoption of games across a studio’s portfolio.

Users can set up campaigns that will provide CPI bidding, attribution, data science, dynamic bidding as well as tools such as the IronSource ROAS that helps with optimisation.


“Mobile game publishers have long been requesting a solution for managing their cross-promotional campaigns at the same degree of sophistication with which they run the rest of their UA activities,” said IronSource VP of product developer solutions Nimrod Zuta.

“Optimising cross-promotion has been a sticking point for both sides of their business, and our solution is yet another step in bridging the monetization and user acquisition sides of an app business to create tools which tackle growth from a holistic perspective.

"Solving the growing challenge of optimising cross-promotional activities is continuing in our goal of becoming the growth platform for mobile games.”

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