Apple Arcade hits 100 live games

Another six added

Apple Arcade hits 100 live games

Apple has launched six new games on Apple Arcade, bringing the total available to 100.

The first of the new titles is Takeshi and Hiroshi, an adventure game by Oink Games about two brothers, as the elder sibling tries to create a game for his little brother to enjoy.

Second, is a new episodic adventure game by Sirvo Studios, Guildings - the creators took inspiration from puzzle titles and RPGs.

Next up, Marble It Up: Mayhem! This new marble-platformer features several game modes and has multiplayer, with the option of taking your marble’s online to prove your might.

The only new sports game being added is Sociable Soccer by Rogue Games. You can create the team of your dreams with 25,000 upgradable player cards, from 1,000 teams worldwide.

Discoloured, the third adventure title - with first-person exploration - being added, by Shifty Eye. As you progress through the game you will complete puzzles, bringing back vibrant colour that has been lost.

Finally, the 100th game being added to Apple Arcade is UFO on Tape: First Contact - the sequel to 2010s award-winning iOS game.

The $5 a month subscription service launched on September 19th, with 71 games available on launch day.

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