Apple's gaming-focused AV/VR headset expected by 2022

AR glasses in 2023

Apple's gaming-focused AV/VR headset expected by 2022

Apple is reportedly working on a combined virtual reality and augmented reality headset with a core focus on video games.

As reported by Bloomberg, the hardware expected to arrive sometime in 2021 or 2022 and will also include the ability to watch videos and take part in virtual meetings.

The tech giant was originally looking to launch the new unit in 2019 however the product was delayed internally.

Apple filed a patent earlier this year suggesting the company might be developing its own AR headset.

The hardware included a “touch-sensitive” surface that would let users interact with the headset before displaying an AR environment.

AR glasses

Following this, Apple told its employees that it’s planning to launch a pair of lightweight AR glasses from 2023.

Rumours of the technology emerging from the firm started a couple of years back. The report claimed that Apple was in talks with suppliers about its project and near-eye displays were being ordered for testing.

Apple recently expanded its library of games for Apple Arcade, extending the catalogue to over 100 titles.

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