Apple restricts employee travel as firm monitors coronavirus

iPhone production still looking to be impacted

Apple restricts employee travel as firm monitors coronavirus

Apple has restricted travel to "business critical" only as the company monitors the coronavirus outbreak in China.

During an earning's call, CEO Tim Cook confirmed the travel limitation before stating (via CNBC) that staff in the Wuhan area will be provided with care kits and supplies as well as its entire China workforce.

Apple had looked to increase its iPhone production plans in the first half of 2020, however due to the current pandemic the manufacturing looks to be delayed.

"Closely following"

"We’re closely following the development of the coronavirus," said Cook.

"We're donating to groups that are working to contain the outbreak, we're working closely with our Apple team members and partners in the affected areas, and our thoughts are with all of those affected across the region."

Cook added: "We are also working very closely with our team and our partners in the affected areas, and we have limited travel to business critical situations as of last week."

Nintendo has also been affected by the coronavirus outbreak with production of the Nintendo Switch complicated in China too.

Apple meanwhile posted record quarterly sales of $91.8 billion thanks to iPhone and wearables growth.

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