HQ Trivia has seemingly risen from the dead

A new potenital acquisition appeared over the weekend

HQ Trivia has seemingly risen from the dead

Despite seeming to be dead in the water, mobile game show HQ Trivia could have a new home.

As announced on Twitter (below), it was believed the company would shut down after a failed acquisition. However, HQ Trivia's founder - Rus Yusupov - claimed to have found a new potential deal over the weekend.

"I spent the weekend on the phone finding a new buyer and do right by everyone," said Yusupov.

"We have found a new home for HQ, with a company that wants to keep it running. All employees, contractors and players are top priority. Severance will be paid and you will be able to cash out."

"Not a done deal yet, but I'm optimistic. In its new home, we should expect HQ to go through some changes, especially to cover expenses, and be less buggy."

Yusupov has also encouraged HQ's fans to give feedback on how to make the next version of HQ Trivia better than before.

Not dead yet

Founded in 2017, the company had been going for three years before facing shut down. In that time, it had accumulated over 15 million downloads.

It may have been a sad time for HQ, however, for those who tuned in for its last hurrah it was a rather entertaining affair. HQ Trivia's presenters Matt Richards and Anna Roisman got as drunk as a skunk, before going on air and using language that would make a sailor blush.

Before being shut down last Friday, the company had been facing problems - namely after the passing of its co-founder and CEO Colin Kroll. In April 2019, the mobile game show lost its host - Scott Rogowsky left due to growing issues in the company. Furthermore, 20 per cent of the staff was laid off in July 2019.


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