Update: Rockstar, EA and Maysalward are the latest companies to enforce remote working due to the coronavirus

Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and Google also request staff to work remotely

Update: Rockstar, EA and Maysalward are the latest companies to enforce remote working due to the coronavirus

Update (3): Rockstar Games, Electronic Arts and Maysalward are the latest companies to ask employees to work remotely.

"In the interest of reducing the possible impact of Covid-19, Rockstar Games has implemented work from home policies across our international offices and studios," said Rockstar Games on Twitter.

Electronic Arts had an announcment of its own confirming that its staff around the world have been urged to work from home.

"As of today, we have transitioned to strongly recommending that all our employees in North America, Europe and Australia work from home until April 1, to help limit potential exposure to coronavirus and minimize the social spread of the illness," said Electronic Arts in a statement.

Finally, Maysalward CEO Nour Khrais revealed staff members will now work from home.

"Starting Monday 16/03 We told our team members to stay home and do their jobs remotely to support the government efforts to fight back COVID-19 coronavirus spreads," said Khrais on LinkedIn.

Update (2): Nintendo has become the latest company to ask employees in the US to work from home because of the ongoing pandemic with the coronavirus.

"Nintendo of America has taken the precautionary step to allow NOA employees in the states of California and Washington the opportunity to work from home," a Nintendo representative told Kotaku.

"The safety and wellbeing of our employees is our top priority. We are continuing to closely monitor COVID-19 developments, and share our concerns and support for those affected by the COVID-19 outbreak."

Update (1): Apple has requested that all staff at its headquarters in Silicon Valley, California should work from home if possible as a "precaution" to the coronavirus.

As reported by Reuters, a spokesperson confirmed the decision for the 12,000-person campus in Apple Park to only communicate to the building if necessary, if not otherwise contact via telecommunications.

Subsequently, Apple has asked all Seattle employees to follow similarly and work from home while the coronavirus outbreak continues.

Original Story: Microsoft, Facebook and Google have asked their employees to work from home due to the coronavirus.

As revealed in a company blog post, Microsoft CDO Kurt DelBene has offered advice to all employees to lessen the risk of getting infected.

For employees that do not need to be in the office, it's recommended that staff in Seattle work from home. Globally, Delbene has recommended employees avoid travelling to the Puget Sound and Bay Area campuses.

"Consistent with King County guidance, we are recommending all employees who are in a job that can be done from home should do so through March 25th," said DelBene.

"Taking these measures will ensure your safety and also make the workplace safer for those that need to be onsite."

Virus contraction

Currently, two employees of Microsoft have contracted the coronavirus, one of whom works at LinkedIn, as reported by CNBC.

"Local health experts have determined that this individual had no known contact with other employees while infected and, based on that fact, there is no risk to those who work at LinkedIn from this case," said a LinkedIn spokesperson.

"We are doing everything we can to support our colleague and will continue to keep the health and safety of our employees, customers and partners as our top priority, working closely with public health officials globally."

Further containment

According to Reuters, both Facebook and Google have advised staff members in San Francisco to work from home due to epidemic concerns.

Facebook claimed it's "strongly recommending that all Bay area employees and contingent staff work from home starting Friday."

A company spokesperson - Anthony Harrison - told Reuters the decision was reached "based on the guidance from Santa Clara County on Thursday."

The coronavirus has wreaked havoc upon the industry. Multiple companies have pulled out of various events. Last month, GDC 2020 was postponed. Earlier this week, Epic Games cancelled Unreal Fest Europe 2020.

Despite Los Angeles entering a state of emergency, E3 is still set to go ahead. However, Iam8bit has pulled out of the event.

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