The synergetic nature of offerwalls and rewarded video ads

Tapjoy's research sees a 114% revenue boost

The synergetic nature of offerwalls and rewarded video ads

Offerwalls have been an online monetisation technique for well over a decade now, and they’re not going away any time soon.

That's the takeaway from the latest research from Tapjoy, which should know all about this sort of thing given it's been operating such services since 2007.

It's particularly keen to point out the independent nature of users who indirectly monetise through offerwalls and in-app advertising, and those who monetise directly through IAPs.

Different folks

Its research with 16,000 Tapjoy users suggests only around 5 per cent of offerwall users also spend on IAPs.

Developers are often nervous about implementing offerwalls as they fear allowing users to get rewards this way will cannabalise existing revenues.

Instead, offerwalls seem to work in a synergetic manner with rewarded video ads. Tapjoy reckons developers who use both methods generate 114 percent more revenue than those who just implemented rewarded video ads.

The final interesting result from Tapjoy's research is that users who complete offerwalls are significantly more engaged. It says such users have double the retention rates than non-users in terms of the standard 1, 7 and 30-day retention periods.

You can check out the full report - email sign up required - via the Tapjoy website.

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