Fundamentally Games raises seed round to help developers create live ops games

Tools, processes and resources will be provided

Fundamentally Games raises seed round to help developers create live ops games

Fundamentally Games founders Oscar Clark and Ella Romanos are set to help developers make their titles living games thanks to a new seed round of funding.

The company will provide tools, processes and resources to manage live operations games. To further aid development teams, Clark and Romanos will discuss plans with the developers during the early stages.

Furthermore, they will receive help from financers, publishers and more at each stage of the project.

"We want to help"

"Getting scale in games nowadays is about getting more players, doing more things, more often, for longer, and we want to help more developers achieve this," said Clark.

Romanos added: "This seed investment round from Premiere Capital and Authentic Media Group will enable us to provide live operations in a partnership model with developers, which along with our mentoring, consulting and access to funding services, will give us the opportunity to get involved early and share risk on exciting projects."

Authentic Media Group's Adam Betteridge concluded: "We are thrilled to be working with innovative companies like Fundamentally Games, who demonstrate a deep understanding of the games industry and have identified a clear need to support game developers with live operations.

In January, Clark wrote a guest article for PGBiz on hypercasual vs GAAS.

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