Gismart is launching a new music partnership program called Games for Artists

Designed to help musicians get exposure through games

Gismart is launching a new music partnership program called Games for Artists

Mobile games developer Gismart has launched a new partnership program dubbed Games for Artists.

The new initiative will allow partner musicians to advertise their music via the London-based studio's new hypercasual games. The opportunities on offer include in-game look-alike characters, content, music and merchandise integration.

Approximately, hypercasual games see one billion installs monthly, and the majority of those are new titles. As most entries in the genre are free-to-play, many have in-game ads which can be used to promote Gismart's partnered artists.

Hot space

Currently, the British studio has 10 games in its library including Cool Goal!, Domino Smash, Oil Tycoon - Gas Idle Factory and Happy Hockey!. The former of which has hit 35 million downloads as of October 2019.

In total, Gismart's catalogue has raked in over 500 million installs with Cool Goal!, and Domino Smash topping the charts in 62 countries.

"The hyper-casual gaming market is one of the hottest spaces in the mobile market today," said Gismart vice president for business development and marketing Lana Meisak.

"With monthly downloads reaching one billion and most of them coming from brand new games, hyper-casual games are the new medium to reach out to a massive audience instantly and to offer strong marketing opportunities for entertainment brands, including music artists. We are open to collaborate with artists to fit their custom needs, and create suitable, native integration options in our new hyper-casual game releases."

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