Update: Outfit7 reveals My Talking Tom Friends hit 22 million downloads six days after launch

It was released on June 12th

Update: Outfit7 reveals My Talking Tom Friends hit 22 million downloads six days after launch

Update: My Talking Tom Friends has hit 22 million downloads just six days after its worldwide launch, according to developer Outfit7. While soft-launched, the virtual pet game accumulated eight million downloads, with a further 14 million being added in its first week.

"It's great to see how many fans worldwide have already embraced the opportunity to join their favorite friends in My Talking Tom Friends," said Outfit7 CEO Xinyu Qian.

"The team at Outfit7 has created something really special. I'm incredibly proud of them and everything they've achieved with this groundbreaking new game."

Original story: Outfit7's My Talking Tom Friends generated 9.5 million downloads on its launch day, according to App Annie.

The virtual pet game proved most popular in Russia, which accounted for almost three million installs. With over two million downloads, Brazil also took a liking to the game, while the US had over one million downloads and Mexico came in at just below one million.

Meanwhile, the day one numbers in France hit 309,000, while in Germany they came to 226,000. Trailing behind was South Korea as it accumulated 47,000 installs. The game was going to prove popular after it hit seven million pre-registrations in six days.

Pet Friends

"The Talking Tom franchise has been a staple of the mobile gaming world since the launch of Talking Tom Cat in 2010. The franchise has expanded to include spinoffs for new characters, different gaming genres (starting with simulation and including puzzle, casual runner, and racing), and even a dedicated YouTube channel," said App Annie market insights director Amir Ghodrati.

The latest entry, My Talking Tom Friends, highlights how publishers can cultivate a strong brand to keep users engaged for a decade. My Talking Tom Friends had 9,5 million downloads across iOS and Google Play on its launch day, led by Russia, Brazil, the US, and Mexico."

Overall, the Talking Tom franchise has accumulated more than eight billion downloads as of June 2018.

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