Google adds 4G and 5G streaming to its Android Stadia app

New experiment reportedly offers resolutions of 360p

Google adds 4G and 5G streaming to its Android Stadia app

Google has added 4G and 5G capabilities to its Android Stadia app as part of a new "experiment" for the service.

Previously, streaming games through the Stadia app could only be done through Wi-Fi connections. Now, however, players can opt-in to use their mobile data instead.

As spotted by 9to5Google, the firm states that streaming a game using 4G or 5G will use up around 2.7GB of data per hour. According to estimates, this puts the resolution for these games at 360p, though this hasn't been confirmed by Google.


It is also worth noting that the wireless Stadia Controller can't be used in conjunction with mobile data streaming, as both the Stadia app and controller need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network to work together. Other controllers are still available to use.

The Android Stadia app had been downloaded over a million times as of June 2020, according to its Google Play listing. However, this does not provide any indication as to how many users are subscribed to the Stadia Pro service, or who have purchased games in the service.

Stadia recently announced that it had signed up big-name developers such as Konami, Harmonix, and Supermassive to bring exclusive games to the platform.


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