PGC Digital: King's Ana Luca on the must-haves for QA testing

Regular testing sessions, kick-off meetings, and specific planning phases.

PGC Digital: King's Ana Luca on the must-haves for QA testing

Throughout development, there are numerous must-haves in quality assurance that a company must embrace to best combat any bugs or further issues in the future.

These tips were explained in detail by King QA analyst Ana Luca during her talk at PGC Digital #4 on 'Shift-left Mentality that has to Happen in Game Teams Regarding QA'.

Having QA in all kick-off meetings was one of the first to be aware of potential bugs in production and mitigate risk, alongside specific planning sessions for test cases with developers. All members of the team were also recommended to test their work regularly on a device - not just those in QA. From this, regular testing sessions with the whole team was put down as a must too.

Luca first entered the industry as the lead QA tester on Fallout Shelter at Behaviour Interactive, before moving to Goodgame Studios as a customer service agent and finally moving to her current role at King.


"It's just attention to detail," said Luca when answering a question referring to how to start a career in QA games.

"Sending your CV to all of the companies you can. More often than not you're going to find jobs that are more focused on quality assurance, which is testing and production.

"But from there, if you get a little bit of experience so you can learn about the tools that we can use and what it actually means to be in QA, you can get jobs at other places like King etcetera."

Agile Jenga was a key example shown of how King addresses quality assurance.

Candy Crush Friends Saga from King recently surpassed $200 million in player spending, after officially launching in October 2018.

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