PGC Digital: Understanding the publishing process and trends

"We look for anyone that is doing something different, in a word innovation"

PGC Digital: Understanding the publishing process and trends

As part of Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #5, Chorus Worldwide CEO and Founder Shintaro Kanaoya and Chorus Worldwide publishing director Jez Harris took to the stage to discuss from development to publishing: understanding the publishing process and trends.

Chorus chooses games that they feel are taking an innovative approach, bet something as popular as a shooter, the company wants to know if there is something that makes it stand out.

"We look for anyone that is doing something different, in a word innovation," said Kanaoya.

Moreover, the company also values inclusion, integrity and independence.

The company is keen to expand, and become more of a global publisher as it looks to bring more games over from Japan.

"We want to try and bring games that you might not necessarily see from a developer in your own culture," said Kanaoya.

What a team

The company works on a revenue share only scheme, meaning that if the game doesn't see a profit, neither does Chorus Worldwide.

To maximise the results of a title, the company will manage digital sales and offer promotion through PR and marketing.

Moreover, it aims to localise games so it can be brought to as many players as possible. Furthermore, it also looks at porting, meaning more players can give the title a go on multiple platforms.

Chorus Worldwide also forms partnerships that can be both strategic and promotional with first parties, among others.

You're always trying to learn, and as a designer, it can be beneficial to form a good relationship with a publisher.

In a nutshell, due to his background, Harris wishes to be the publisher that he would have liked to have back when he was a producer.

No time wasted

"You often learn more from what doesn't work," said Kanaoya.

No matter what, be it success or failure, there are always lessons to be learned from any project. As explained by Kanaoya, games that do not work out tend to offer the best teachings.

When it comes to development, it is important to remember that teamwork is key, and no two projects are the same.

Furthermore, being proud of a project tends to make the entire process better. As a developer, it is essential to remember that you know your game better than a publisher, which should also be known as a publisher.

Be you a developer or publisher, relationships and people do matter.

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