Check out the inaugural Mobile GameDev Seminar 2021

Hear from leading industry professionals from Rovio, Facebook Gaming and more

Check out the inaugural Mobile GameDev Seminar 2021

The brand new, inaugural 2021 Mobile GameDev Seminar will take place next week with a day of keynote speeches from leading industry professionals from companies like Rovio, Gameloft, Facebook Gaming, and Deconstructor of Fun. The sessions will be followed by the Mobile GameDev Awards announcing the winners across six categories covering different aspects of mobile game innovation and feature design focusing on the US, China and Japan.

Join the seminar on February 25th for a day of inspiring keynote speeches and learn about the latest mobile gaming trends, industry best practices and more, including topics such as “Monetisation Strategies that Drive Revenue,” “Live Ops – Maybe we were born to run?, ” and “Guidelines for presenting features & game ideas.”

The seminar will also include a workshop providing a peek behind the scenes of Hill Climb Racing 2, co-hosted with Fingersoft.

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The day will culminate in a celebration of mobile game design and innovation with GameRefinery’s new Mobile GameDev Awards, with partner judges Deconstructor of Fun and Luna Labs.

The awards recognise and celebrate innovation in mobile game design from developers in the US, China and Japan. The six finalist categories include Innovation in Core Gameplay, Most Promising Soft Launch Game, Biggest Evolver (US, JP, CN), Best Newcomer (US, JP, CN), Best Feature Innovation and Best Event (US, JP, CN).

You can find the finalists for the 2021 awards edition here: Mobile Game Dev Awards Finalists.

Find more information on the event and seminar visit: GameRefinery’s free virtual Mobile Game Dev Seminar (February 25, 2021, at 9 am GMT)

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