Epic Games snaps up Capturing Reality

Terms of the deal were not disclosed

Date Type Companies involved Size
March 9th, 2021 acquisition Epic Games Not disclosed
Epic Games snaps up Capturing Reality

Epic Games has snapped up RealityCapture creator Capturing Reality.

As detailed in a site update, the Capturing Reality team will look closely with the team behind Unreal Engine to bring its tech to more people.

"The Capturing Reality team is made up of some of the most impressive experts in the field of photogrammetry," said Unreal Engine GM Marc Petit.

"The team has built a powerful solution with RealityCapture, and we're fortunate to have them as part of the Epic Games family."

Currently, Capturing Reality's software allows users to reconstruct scenes and objects of any size through the use of images and laser scans. As a result, the company can offer users great accuracy at an impressive speed.

"RealityCapture is the clear market leader in photogrammetry and has been integral to the creation of Quixel Megascans since its inception," said Epic Games senior director of Quixel Teddy Bergsman.

"We are beyond excited to welcome Capturing Reality to our team and to accelerate our shared vision to enable anyone to scan the world."

A reality

Through the acquisition, Epic will be able to offer Unreal Engine developers an easier way of uploading images and creating instant photorealistic 3D models.

However, Capturing Reality will continue to support its partners across various industries, including film, games, engineering, architecture, construction and cultural heritage.

"Our mission at Capturing Reality is to give our customers the most powerful and easy-to-use photogrammetry solution on the market, so they have the freedom to focus on their business," said Capturing Reality Co-founder Michal Jancosek, PhD.

Capturing Reality co-founder Martin Bujnak PhD added: "Epic is clearly aligned with this mission, and has a proven track record of taking existing technologies and making them more accessible to developers across industries.

"We look forward to partnering with their team to accelerate adoption of our technology and moving the photogrammetry industry forward together."

Epic Games appears to be on a spending spree. Earlier this month, it picked up Tonic Games, the parent company of Fall Guys creator Mediatonic. Back in January, the company snapped up RAD Game Tools.

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